Olympus Trip 35 Review – A cult classic point & shoot

Light meter works and needs no batteries! Low light Flag pops up! Zuiko Lens Really easy to use camera, with an full auto or aperture priority modes! Uses a really easy too find 35mm Film Happy bidding!! Also check out some of my other listings!! Olympus Trip was introduced in and soon became one of most iconic compact cameras, famous for its usability and the minimalism of design.

Olympus Trip 35

Also the dark room is still in its infancy but slowly getting in shape now. There is light a the end of the tunnel! Being a hardware junkie my lastest enthusiasm was spurred by an old friend — a Trip 35 found on an online auction. During the years I have had a few of these Trips. As a collector hoarder… I like the simplicity of them and the ones I have found were often broken in some way or another so now I have become quite accustomed to their internal mechanics:.

As the picture above tells the initiated, this is an early production unit.

In the interest of continually improving products, Olympus reserves the right to About the date and time setting screen g “SETUP menus” (P. 35) Before going on a long trip, and especially before traveling abroad, purchase extra batteries.

My gradual shift from shooting film to digital was motivated by a number of factors, but a significant one was the size and weight of cameras. An added plus is that because they were a relatively late range of film cameras they began in the early 90s but the later models continued until I believe they are likely to be in better working condition than some of the earlier 80s and 90s compact often talked about too.

The first zoom compact I owned — and one of the very first 35mm cameras at all — was a Pentax Espio Mi, found in a charity shop for a few pounds. If you do like to zoom, this one goes to, yep, mm. Kudos to Pentax for naming most of their Espios but not necessarily all — see below! Other Espios have more functions again, see below but the Mi should meet most needs, and is one of the most compact. Partly due to the classy slim aluminium body and quality feel, and partly for that 24mm lens.

An excellent example here is that when you switch on the 24EW, the lens automatically extends to 35mm.

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Another item from my archives. The only way to tell is to open the film compartment and carefully remove the pressure plate on the back of the door this is quite easy. It simply slides free from its locating pins and look for a code on the back of the pressure plate. The code consists of 3 characters: 1st Japanese character or letter in later models signifying the assembly plant.

If anyone wishes to add to it or correct me on any matter, please get in touch. Thanks for the info.

camerapedia olympus trip 35 dating This section contains over 70 still cameras from A to Z (Agfa to Zeiss Ikon) using 35mm film but not having.

We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Find out more Accept. Olympus Trip 35 camera in working order. Comes with lens cap, case and a small hot-shoe mount semi-automatic flash unit. Camera in good order. Shutter works, aperture works, focusing zone ring moves freely.

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Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom QD Date 35mm Camera is a favorite pick some of us. And I JUST NOW strongly strongly recommend it. With the external high.

I also have an Olympus OM1 camera. Excepting my Canon EOS cameras, this is my newest camera dating from between and Behind the pressure plate inside the camera is a code which tells us exactly when it was made. The first digit is the factory code, the next digit is the year and the third digit is the month of manufacture. My camera has the code S19 so it was made in September It is an aperture priority automatic exposure camera.

Olympus produced a manual adapter which more of later. At this age, the camera only offers manual focussing but as I am not a fan of automatic focussing this is no big deal.

Olympus TRIP 35 + Hanimex x 140 flash

Pity the poor Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom Did it ever really have a chance? It was introduced in , just a few years before everybody would start switching to digital. Olympus sold these by the bajillions. But every one you find seems to be in like-new condition, suggesting that they got little use before the digital wave hit.

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Vintage OLYMPUS TRIP 35 35mm viewfinder compact film Camera Pentax PC35AF mdate Black Film camera Autofocus lens shutter type Auto dating.

Made in England” and has I branded on side. Datum: ZV with an Apotar f2. See illustration. All metal, grey finished brass camera, Krauss Zeiss Tessar lenses f4. G Huttig A. Germany; 6 x 13cm. A scarce 9 x 18cm. Macclesfield England, circa which takes 5 x 4inch pictures using standard cut film holders or Polaroid or film backs. In polished mahogany and other woods with maker’s plate, instructions and original box.

Original canvas case.

Olympus OM 10

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. An excellent choice for photography students, photo hobbyists and serious camera collectors, Olympus vintage 35mm cameras are available across a range of models including compact, SLR and rangefinder cameras. All of these styles of camera are highly functional, extremely portable and lightweight cameras, which you can wear close to hand to capture photo opportunities while on the move.

First introduced in and manufactured until the mid s, the Olympus Trip 35 is probably one of the most popular Olympus vintage 35mm cameras of all time. Launched to great success, this fully automatic compact 35mm fixed lens camera was made famous back in the s for the Japanese brands advertising campaign that featured renowned British celebrity photographer, David Bailey.

Produced from to about , the Olympus 35 SP has the distinction years old and to date no other RF has equaled the 35 SP’s dual metering. button on the back of the top plate and hold it in until you trip the shutter.

I have read this camera had sales figures of around 10,, What is clear is that the number is vast! You only need to go on eBay and see how many are for sale at any one time. It was touted as a camera that could take professional quality images yet is small and very easy to use … No wonder they sold so many! I guess this translates to a camera for everyone.

And that it really is!

The Crisp and Delicious Olympus OM-10

The Olympus Trip 35 is a fully-automatic 35mm compact camera , manufactured by Olympus from [1] to , during which time over ten million units were sold. Until June , the shutter button was silver-coloured metal. After that date, all Trips had a black plastic button. With the aperture ring set to “A”, the camera operates as a program automatic with a working EV range of 8.

Apparently the earliest Trips’s pressure plate did not conform to this date code. Then there were early Trips with silver shutter buttons and later.

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Olympus trip 35

Kodak 35 RF is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by Eastman Kodak and produced between It is used by collectors to differentiate this model from the original Kodak 35 , which lacks a rangefinder. The camera is basically a Kodak 35 with the addition of a new cover containing a fixed viewfinder, film counter, wind and rewind knobs, and the separate rangefinder window.

OLYMPUS TRIP OUTFIT. Outfit includes OLYMPUS 35 RC CAMERA (​Chrome) KIT. Complete the contrary within 15 days from the date it was received at.

Free shipping. Condition is Used. Untested with film. Shutter seems responsive. Needs a little clean. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab. Add to Watchlist.

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