10 Things You Should Know Before Falling In Love With An Artist

Are you pretentiously averse to both happiness and fun? Do you smoke cigarettes, and experience bouts of sexual frustration and recurring heartbreak? Growing up, we tortured artists derive our creative material from the emotional struggles of circumstance: the search for a job, for money, for friendship, for love — for a sense of belonging. We gradually resolve that our chronic dissatisfaction must surely be born from that which we do not have — a notion which, funnily enough, allows us the convoluted comfort of understanding and some perception of control. Subsequently, we tend to override all notions of stability with the responsibility of both experiencing and interpreting pain as a cathartic art form. Our identity lies in our artistry, just as our pain does in our creations. We view our own sexuality as a topic to be studied — our romantic relationships as immersive research for yet another self-depreciatingly humorous article or sassy blog post. Herein lies the root of the problem — our apparent aversion to personal happiness. Compelling narratives require trauma — unreturned phone-calls, drunken nights alone, and the unmitigated heartache of lost love. We must write it, therefor we too must live it.

5 Things You Should Know About Dating A Musician

You start with some crayons, and glue sparkly sequins onto colorful paper. Your sketchbooks are piled in box in the back of your closet, and your visits to art museums become more and more rare. Artists are just trying to make a living like everyone else. But the problem is, all that money never actually gets to the artists. Collecting art is supposed to be like owning a little piece of culture. Then, maybe one day, their work will be worth as much as a Warhol or a Picasso.

Unknown Artist From Thought Catalog This weekend’s date was a good guy, but, I didn’t leave that date thinking that I wanted to get to know.

Fall in love with an artist because artists never forget. They give their all. Artists give their all, they give their messy minds and their restless hearts. They tell their deepest secrets and their painful stories. They show you their scars and how they healed themselves. They show you their strengths and their vulnerabilities.

They bare their naked souls to you. They fall head over heels.

Why People Who Marry Artists End Up The Happiest

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10 INSPIRING INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW · Morgan Harper Nichols By far my favorite Instagram artist/ poet. · Thought Catalog · Soul.

They smooth you over with cheesy lines, sway you with their flirty mannerisms, and instantly call you beautiful. Luring you in with their ever-so attractive, unforgettable scent that only lasts a night or two; not even long enough for it to linger onto your clothes. You in no way, shape, or form could have predicted their intentions were disingenuous the entire time. Refutal becomes your best friend as you reexamine reality. What makes con artists the best thieves of love is their determination.

It will start with their calm effort, showing interest immediately but not eagerly. Opening doors, dancing with maturity, firmly gripping hands that feel a little too comfortable. Sharing warmth, words, and water with that person become so randomly symbolic and meaningful—I mean, who else would you want to experience it with in that moment? Mentions of insecurities become the easiest target, as they make themselves align with your insecurities.

The curveball will square your jaw. Their words become as vacant as their heart.

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But, as is the case for many things, social media is really what you make of it. We may not be able to delete those apps forever, but we can always tailor our social media feeds to our needs. So why not replace them with ones that do make our day a little more positive and happy? Continue scrolling for 10 Inspirational Instagram accounts that make our days and motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves, in one way or another.

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We all know that narcissistic and sociopathic individuals use specific manipulation tactics to unsettle their victims. But did you know that some of the techniques they use overlap with that of pick-up artists? Not all pick-up artists are narcissists, but many narcissists are natural pick-up artists. Many sociopathic predators have been using manipulation their whole lives to get ahead and thus have are far more sophisticated tactics in their arsenal of psychological terrorism.

Yet some predators do use similar techniques as pick-up artists as part of their nefarious toolbox. Here are the top five tactics you should look out for, especially if you suspect you may be involved with a player on the narcissistic spectrum:. Negging is very similar to the covert put-down or backhanded compliment used by narcissists. In the pick-up artist community, negs are used especially when the target is perceived to be more attractive or appealing than the pick-up artist.

Those with trauma histories or prior relationships with narcissists should always be wary if they are met with these types of comments and resist internalizing them. As Greene writes:. To draw your victims closer and make them hungry to possess you, you must create an aura of desirability—of being wanted and courted by many. It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention, to win you away from a crowd of admirers. Build a reputation that precedes you: If many have succumbed to your charms there must be a reason.

Narcissists do this as one of their primary tactics in relationships: it is known as triangulation and harem-building.

Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Creative Type

They ask seemingly random — but very personal — questions. They tell you stories. They process the world through narratives. Storytelling is just how they communicate, especially with people they love. What comes across to others as a snarky joke or metaphor in their writing is revealed to you to be past traumas and biggest struggles and wildest dreams.

You get the whole picture, not just the snapshot of it.

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I know you wish you could have a broken neck instead of a broken heart. But, if everyone in the…. Fall in love with the type of person who wants to build a home with you. Who wants to build…. One day you will meet someone who will knock out the breath from you. They will show up unexpected, and…. Because as much as I told myself I needed to, I wasn’t ready to let you go.

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They will form you from their fingertips, to a paintbrush, to a canvas — which you will admire every single day for the rest of your life with your artist. They will teach their partner to follow their heart, no matter the cost. Marry an artist because the connection that will form between the two of you will extend beyond any normal connection.

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Justin Andrew Honard is an American drag performer and recording artist known by the stage name Alaska Thunderfuck , primarily known mononymously as Alaska , [1] best known as the runner-up on the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race [2] [3] and the winner of the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Honard co-hosts the web series Bro’Laska alongside her brother, Corey Binney. Her first studio album, Anus , was released in , followed by her second album, Poundcake , in Her third album, Vagina , was released in Alaska originally moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Dissatisfied with the auditioning process, she turned to drag and got a job at the West Hollywood club Fubar. Alaska met future boyfriend Sharon Needles stage name of Aaron Coady through Myspace in December and eventually moved back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , to live with him in As part of the Haus of Haunt, she helped present the Pittsburgh debut of fellow drag queen and recording artist Christeene Vale in

An Artist Is Anyone Who Makes Art, Not Just Someone Who’s Famous For It

Like all weddings do, it made me think about myself and about what kind of wedding I might have. Which made me think about who I might be marrying and what kinds of thinks he should be aware of. Which led to this post. I am a creative person. As a creative person, there are certain things that a potential partner must be aware of before entering a relationship with me. With any creative person, for that matter.

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We see things a little differently than the average person. Something that may be insignificant to you is what draws us in and makes us look closer to find its beauty. We like pretty things, what can I say? We search for potential in every date we go on. We want someone who understands the heart of us. Because our work requires us to plan and conceptualize our pieces in advance, we try to do the same with our communication.

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating An Artist

Taking one art class in middle school or college has somehow made everyone an expert on how we should art. Which is ironic, considering our constant dissatisfaction with the art we create. Many artists envision our creations in a perfect world, and we spend countless hours trying to replicate this imagined perfection with our imperfect tools and bodies. Oftentimes, this quest for perfection can lead to perpetual feelings of inadequacy and discontent with ourselves. It can be difficult to separate the art we create from who we are, and your criticisms of our art often feel like criticisms of our person.

You may not be aware of how much time we already spend in self-critique, while others of us have learned to detach from the criticism our creations to preserve our sanity.

Article from Artist and mental health advocate Dominee Wyrick created a graphic to help you identify your emotional triggers in.

To be a creative can often feel like a choice that is both insane and thrilling in equal measure. The artist must art. Therefore, the artist must find a way to live in the uncertain, wild space between what success looks like to others and what success feels like to themselves. Choosing a creative career is not something for the weak-willed, the comfort-chasers, the ones who need to know how their life will splay out ahead of them for years and years to come. I doubt any of us regret it.

We know that life is impermanent and we never know when our last day will be. Most creatives learn quickly that comfort and inspiration do not live harmoniously.

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